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I have visited the STAR TREK EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton on several occasions.  My most recent visit had  something a little extra special I wanted to share with you.  In the Admirals Collection Gift Shop was one of the replica models of the original U.S.S. Enterprise, built by Greg Jein, for the STAR TREK- Deep Space Nine Episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."  The model is exactly 1/2 scale the original series 11 foot production model.  The replica is 1 of an original 12 produced for sale.  It is probably the most accurate replica of the original model ever built.  I could have taken the model home for $10,000, but I haven't won the lottery yet!   I have a few pictures below of the model.  The store clerk made me stop taking pictures after 8 shots!  I could not get any shots of the top of the model because it was suspended from the ceiling.  


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Here are a few more pictures I took at STAR TREK The Experience.




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